Dear friend!
You consciously decided to associate your fate and the most productive years of life with the most humane and selfless
profession on the Earth - the profession of a doctor. You elected the glorious and honorable, but stern and severe way.
Your choice deserves high honor and great nobility!

You purposed to give the flame of the heart and strength of mind on the sacred fight for the most valuable wealth - the
health - the most important assurance of all great and good, which creates a human being on earth.
Your pure thoughts and bright dreams, your noble impulses, the implementation of which is the purpose and nature of your
conscious life are permeated by a proud feeling.

Not frivolity and vanity, but pragmatism and patience you’ve chosen as companions on the thorny path of ascent to the sacred
heights of art and mastery of healing.
Your future professional life - is not only the joy of victory over a disease and light of the returned sun, gratitude of the saved
life, but it is also uneasy days and sleepless nights, anxiety of soul and bitterness of doubts- have you done everything for the
sake of human health and life? Did you always remain a knight without fear and reproach on your responsible post?

Among all peoples at all times healing deservedly valued very highly. Homer wrote: "Many of the warriors costs a skilled
The critical moment has come on the long and complex process of your forming as a doctor. Today you walk into the clinic.
The curtain opens in front of you: the disease appears on the scene. You are plunging into the difficult and dramatic world of
the sick person. Remember this day and time! Together with the most valuable and the most bright memories of your life,
save this moment, which is the start of your medical career in your memory and heart.

First of all, your calling will most clearly shine in the clinic by the true colors, it will fill with a proud sense of personal
involvement to the great and significant - work and creativity. Remember that the clinic is not only a temple of doctor’s soul
formation, but a professional workshop for mastering the craft. Hard science of human virtues understanding and high moral
standards you will pass in the clinic to educate and to combine in your heart determination and self-restraint, strictness and
tenderness, calmness and mercy, equanimity and compassion, grandeur and simplicity - the polar ethical qualities, which
unity the spiritual nature of a doctor requires . And never let hardness and callousness to close the road to your heart for a
great feeling of love to humanity, always respond with kindness and compassion to someone else's suffering and grief.
Join the difficult and beautiful world of a citizen and doctor formation with confidence and courage! We - your mentors and
your teachers are with you.

From now a qualitatively new clinical stage of your professional education begins. Your inviolable duty is to
keep in mind:

- clinic - is a medical institution where treatment of patients is combined with teaching and research work. Clinic is
determining stage of the doctor’s art and mastery studying for the student This is a high school education of morality and
humanity that are inseparable medical professional qualities. Student's activity at the clinic is a kind of entry into independent

- a student in the clinic is not only graduate, but junior colleague of the doctor He should follow the same professional
laws, rules and regulations as a senior colleague;

- -all the time at the clinic student should use to study the patient, to master healing methods, for systematic deepen
and improving of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, showing hard-working, curiosity, pragmatism, focus, worry about
the patient.

- a student must strictly adhere to treatment regime in clinic to protect sensitive and excessively impressionable
nervous system of the patient from negative emotions. Being student's in the ward or elsewhere in clinic should not cause the
noise, his conversations with others to be conditioned in a calm, balanced tone;

- a student should be an example of high morality and culture and bring these qualities in others. Keep in mind that
human virtues - politeness, sincerity, sympathy, tact, forbearance, simplicity and modesty - not just a moral ornament, but
also necessary professional features of a doctor;

- when entering the ward or meeting with a familiar patient elsewhere in clinics, a student should greet him and
inquire about his health, revealing in this case courtesy, friendliness, sensitivity and kindness;

- a student must be a bitter opponent of smoking, primarily in the clinic. He is not proper to smoke by himself, and he
must not allow others to smoke in the presence of the patient;

- a student should remember that an unhealthy person that he meets in the hospital - is not just the object of his
professional improvement, but primarily is a person - the fragile nature creature, that needs help, attention and compassion,
while communicating with the patient. Each patient must be sure that student's actions on his examination are necessary and
useful for diagnostic and therapeutic process;

- a student must strictly adhere to the principles of deontology in relationships with patients. Readiness to assist the
patient every moment, a sense of mercy and, compassion, selflessness and sacrifice should always guide his actions in the
clinic. A student must learn extremely important - curative meaning of the word. The word is a big healer of human diseases,
but with inept actions it may become unsafe enemy of the treatment. Indeed, as well noted R. Kipling: "The word is the most
powerful drug used by mankind." The sacred duty of the student is to understand the science of turning words in a trusted
assistant and friend in the fight against the disease;

- a student should always care of his appearance. The clinic must stick to established professional attire. A student
should always remember Chekhov's famous words: "A person should be all perfect: his face and clothes, soul and thoughts."
Now by entering the path of clinical work, every day you will be approved by the belief in the infallibility of your choice. Let
this treasured the words, that are chiseled on the grave of great humanist, doctor of the glorious Haas admonishe you on the
way of your big dreams of becoming a doctor of noble soul and high professionalism implementation: "Hasten to do good."
Let the mercy and goodness always light up your difficult but honorable way in medicine.


Your goal and purpose - to serve man,
to help him to ease his suffering - mental and physical.
At any time: day and night, cold, rain and storm, - to hurry where
somebody needs your help, where your debt calls .
Your path will not be always strewn with roses. Take heart! Learn! Go ahead!
So that knowledge you gained brought joy and happiness.

HAPPY ROAD, dear friend!
corresponding member of Ukrainian NUMS, , Honoured master of sciences and engineering of Ukraine M.D. PhD., professor,
member of the European Society of Cardiology, member of the American Heart Association - G. Ignatenko.
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