Specialized Scientific Council 
Д 11.600.05
Chairman of the special council - corresponding member of Ukrainian NUMS, , Honoured master of sciences and engineering of
Ukraine M.D. PhD., professor, member of the European Society of Cardiology, member of the American Heart Association - G.
Deputy Chairman of the special council - MD, professor Natalia Gubergrits.

Scientific Secretary - PHD, professor Igor Mukhin.
Phones: (062) 344-44-18; (062) 344-44-01

Report - 2011 year.
Dissertations, that were defended at the special council.
  By the order of Ukrainian HAC №882 from 18 december,
2007 a specialized scientific council D 11.600.05 with the right
of consideration and protection of dissertations for the Doctor
of Medicine degree in specialties 14.01.11 - cardiology and
14.01.02  - internal medicine was established and has been
working till now at the Donetsk National Medical University.
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