Web site of the department is widely used to improve the efficiency of students self-studying in the context of distance
education with self-control elements.
The department hosts conferences and teaching sessions, together with a team of cardiology, functional diagnostics and
therapeutics, "University Hospital", conducts public practical lessons and lectures.
This section is designed to convey information to the end user - the student. It is oriented to students of II course -
propaedeutics of Internal Medicine stomatological faculty, nursing, internal medicine stomatological faculty, III Course -
propaedeutics of internal medicine and nursing practice medical faculties, internal medicine of stomatological faculty, IV
course - Internal Medicine of stomatological faculty, and has a subsections where the following information can be found:
- schedule of classes;
- schedule of lectures;
- shematic plans;
- work programs;
- the texts of lectures;
- typical tasks;
- control questions;
- methodological guidelines;
- a list of references;
- criteria for evaluation;
- timetable for consultations;
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work out schedule >
Educational work
The department have prepared all the necessary materials to
conduct training in the credit-modular system of education
("Bologna process"), published textbooks - "Propedeutics of
Internal Medicine", "Palpation", "Phonocardiography",
"Pulmonary Hypertension", a manual for the care of
therapeutic patients in English, test collections, guidelines for
Modern information technologies are being constantly
introduced In the learning process,  including multimedia
lectures, computer tutorials, electronic manuals.
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