History of Department
The first head of the department from 1932 to 1934 - was professor I. Sheftel, a disciple of the founder of the Kiev school of
therapists V.Obraztsova; Subsequently, the department was headed by:

- In 1934-1936 - Professor A. Yakobson;
- In the 1936-1950 - Professor V. Yanovsky, a disciple of the great Ukrainian therapist F.Yanovskiy [1860-1928];
- In 1950-1951 - Associate Professor R. Ginzburg;
- In the 1951-1976 - Professor M. Frankfurt, student of academic Strazhesko [1876-1952];
- In the 1976-1991 - Professor Y. Oberemchenko
- In 1991-2003 - Professor, corresponding member of NUMS of Ukraine, academician of the Higher School of Ukraine O.
Sinyachenko (from 2003 till now leads the Department of propedeutics of Internal Medicine - general practice family
In 2003, due to the urgent need for graduate training of cardiologists and medical functional diagnostics, as well as
propedeutics of Internal Medicine teaching of international Faculty students (including English-speakers) and students of the
Faculty of Medicine № 3, according to the order of the rector of Medical University was established Department of
propaedeutic therapy and clinical cardiology. In 2011 it was renamed in the Department of Internal Medicine and
From 2003 to present time - Head of Department is the corresponding member of Ukrainian NUMS, , Honoured master of
sciences and engineering of Ukraine M.D. PhD., professor, member of the European Society of Cardiology, member of the
American Heart Association - G. Ignatenko.

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