About the Department
    Main activities of the department include: educational,
scientific, methodological, therapeutic, diagnostic and
consulting work.
    Head of the clinic (Department of propaedeutic and internal
medicine and cardiology department, functional diagnostics
and therapy of UNLK "University Hospital") -corresponding
member of Ukrainian NUMS, , Honoured master of sciences
and engineering of Ukraine M.D. PhD., professor, member of
the European Society of Cardiology, member of the American
Heart Association - G. Ignatenko.
    Learning activity of the Department include 2, 3, 4 course of stomatologic and medical faculties students education on the
following subjects: "Propedeutics of Internal Medicine", "Internal Medicine", "Nursing", "Nursing Practice", medical residents,
magisters and PhD students training on specialties "Internal Medicine", "Cardiology."
    The scientific direction of the department is to develop and implement modern aspects of prevention, diagnosis and
treatment of cardiovascular diseases, and combined pathology. A new direction is the introduction of the method of adaptive
medicine. The staff of the clinic substantiated the scientific concept of the method of interval hypoxic training, studied the
mechanisms of its action and proceeds to actively introduce the method in medical practice.
    Scientific and training activities inseparably connected with the methodological work -preparation and publication of
monographs, textbooks, recommendations, newsletters on actual problems of internal medicine, cardiology and functional
methods of research.
    Medical and advisory work is carried out by highly qualified specialists - doctors of the highest category, candidates and
doctors of medical sciences. DNMU Clinic is the basis for the implementation of new modern medical technologies and
scientific developments of the Medical University departments. Many methods of diagnosis and treatment are exclusive in
    The clinic is the base of Pharmacological Center of Ukraine, which hosts international studies on the efficacy and safety of
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