The department is equipped with modern equipment of leading firms: JAEGER, HORMANN, MEDITECH Ltd, METRAX Gmbh.,
Samsung, has 30 beds for hospital treatment in 1-3 beds, comfortable rooms.  Intensive care unit is equipped at the modern
level (equipped with hypoxicator ISU-10-1000-0, which allows to carry out interval hypoxic training, which has a number of
favorable stimulating and tempering effects on the human organism).

The department is able to carry out next studies:

  - Computer encephalography;
  - Electrocardiography;
  - Bicycle ergometry;
  - Holter ECG monitoring;
  - Doppler echocardiography with analysis;
  - Study of respiratory function tests in pharmaceutics;
  - Bodypatismography.

All kinds of researches are performed by a qualified medical personnel with appropriate training. The results are being quickly
and accurately interpret.
Head of Department - Head of the propaedeutic therapy and clinical cardiology DNMU, corresponding member of Ukrainian
NUMS, , Honoured master of sciences and engineering of Ukraine M.D. PhD., professor, member of the European Society of
Cardiology, member of the American Heart Association - G. Ignatenko.
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