As a part of the department research work Hospital staff widely implement the methodadaptive medicine and the use of
liposomal forms of drugs. The scientific concept of using these techniques is substantiated, mechanisms of of action,
indications are studied. Scientific School, formed by Professor G. Ignatenko, is widely known because of the modern
developments in the field of combined cardio - pulmonary pathology. The new direction is studying of lung diffusion capacity,
which allows to develop adifferentiated approaches to the treatment and to determine the prognosis for these patients. The
development and introduction of modern methods of prevention,diagnosis and treatment of primary and secondary pulmonary
hypertension, microvascular angina (syndrome X) are being further developed.
    Candidate and PhD dissertations are protected and continue to run under the guidance of Professor G. Ignatenko in the field
of "Internal Medicine", "Cardiology" and "Rheumatology". The research results are widely reported in the monographs, journal
articles, on the forums of various levels in Ukraine and abroad.
    By the order of Ukrainian HAC №882 from 18 december, 2007 a specialized scientific council D 11.600.05 with the right of
consideration and protection of dissertations for the Doctor of Medicine degree in specialties 14.01.11 - cardiology and
14.01.02  - internal medicine was established and has been working till now at the Donetsk National Medical University.
    On the basis of сlinic scientific seminars and conferences, allowing all specialtiesdoctors to study the modern approaches to
diagnostics and treatment of various diseases, to develop new medical technologies and enhance their skills.
Scientific work
The scientific direction of the department is the development
and implementation of modern aspects of prevention,
diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases and
combined pathology.
Hospital staff are actively involved in conduction of drugs
clinical trials.
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