The main base - Department of Cardiology, functional diagnosis and therapy UNLK"University Hospital" (Head -
corresponding member of Ukrainian NUMS, , Honoured master of sciences and engineering of Ukraine M.D. PhD., professor,
member of the European Society of Cardiology, member of the American Heart Association - G. Ignatenko). Department has
30 beds for patients hospital treatment in the 1-3 place comfortable wards, intensive care unit is functioning.Technical
equipment provided the modern equipment of leading world manufacturers - JAEGER, HORMANN, MEDITECH, METRAX,
SAMSUNG, ROCHE, etc. Unitspecializes in the treatment of the cardiovascular system, respiratory, musculoskeletal, endocrine
system, kidneys and gastrointestinal tract diseases . a wide range of studiesIs performed:
- standard electrocardiography, with additional derivations, with pharmacologicalprobes;
- bicycle ergometer;
- holter ECG monitoring with determination of heart rate variability and daily monitoring of blood pressure
- echocardiography with Doppler analysis;
- external respiration function with the pharmaceutics tests;
- body plethysmography .
- determination of lung diffusion capacity (DLDC)
- determination of the level of brain natriuretic peptide, troponin, D-dimer.
    Techniques that are exclusive in Ukraine are used In the complex of therapeutic measures. In particular, the method of
interval normobaric hypoxic training is used to treat a wide range of diseases and premorbid conditions, increasing the
efficiency of therapeutic measures. liposomal forms of drugs that have a powerful oxidant,antihypoxic action and antioxidant
are widely used. Unit is the base of UkrainianPharmacological Center for conducting clinical trials of drugs. The high level
ofprofessionals and modern technical equipment of department sustains to the efficiency of of therapeutic and diagnostic
measures for patients with various diseases of internal organs.
Clinical bases of the department are: educational, scientific
and medical complex"University Hospital" (Department of
Cardiology, functional diagnosis and therapy),Donetsk
Regional Clinical Medical Territorial Association (Department
of Emergency Cardiology, and therapeutical Cardiology
Department, Regional Cardiology dispensary).
Clinical work
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